Top 8 Craziest Sex Facts!

Sex is the very essence of life. Without it, animal life would not exist in its current state (well, other than self sexing insects, but what's the fun in that?). For centuries there have been cultural, political and societal taboos that surround the very topic. Many were told to suppress their sexual fantasies which led to a cultural revolution in the '60s and created a generation of sex-obsessed baby boomers and Millenials. Sex is one of those things that are actually way weirder than anything you can make up. We have compiled a list with the 8 weirdest facts about sex. So without further ado...

1. Men fake orgasms too

It is well known that women are prone to faking orgasms, with nearly 70% of women admitted to faking an orgasm at least once in their life. But what is equally fascinating is that the number of men faking is on the rise. According to a Zava study, nearly 30% of men admitted to faking an orgasm at least once in their life. This is a surprising number to many, as the practicality of faking a male orgasm seems pretty difficult. The numbers are even higher for gay men, where nearly half of all men asked said they have faked at least once. Women who rely on vaginal penetration are the most likely to not climax, over women who rely on other forms of stimulation. 

2. Sperm is fast. Very Fast

Most people have the same unappetising opinion of sperm as a stationary blob that is clumpy and immobile. The truth is that sperm is actually very fast. According to an article by the Naked Scientist, relevant to their size a single sperm will swim the same distance equivalent of flying from Earth to the Moon. 

They go on to say "if you scaled them up to the size of a salmon, that would be the equivalent of the salmon swimming along at 500 miles an hour, or a whale doing 15,000 miles an hour".  That's pretty impressive for such a small swimmer, especially when you consider the fact that sperm's swim by relying on heat-sensory and attractive molecules. Basically, you achieved more when you were a sperm than you have in your life since. 

3. Wearing socks can make you cum harder 

I can understand your reservations in reading that sentence, but now I have your attention hear me out. Socks in themselves are not a secret massive turn-on for people that they just didn't know about, and this has nothing to do with foot fetishes. It has more to do with body temperature. One of the most distracting orgasm blockers is cold feet and that has nothing to do with people changing their mind on their partner midway through, but people feeling cold during sex. Keeping your socks on is a great way of regulating body temperature and also makes a great makeshift tissue! 

4. Pulling out does not work

An alarming number of British women believe that jumping up and down can prevent pregnancy. According to Family Planning Association, one-third of women believe that they can prevent pregnancy by hopping and using the "drip-dry" method. Needless to say, it is not an effective method. For couples using this method, they have an 83% chance of getting pregnant within a year. All that you're doing is thinning out the strongest swimmers.

5. People of Latin origin have the best sex 

According to a study: Italians, Spaniards and Brazilians report being the most sexually satisfied in the world. Surprising, considering the firm grip that the Catholic church has had over the Latin nations, with sex outside marriage still frowned a pon in many parts of rural towns. We have a number of beautiful Latina girls here at Foxy Babes that you can check out here: 



6. Closet sex 

The number of people who have admitted to having same-sex relations in their life far outnumbers the percentage of people who would identify as gay or lesbian. According to a study from the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior women are very experimental in their 20's, and men are more likely to engage in threesomes during that very same age bracket. Nearly 14% have admitted to having a threesome with another man. 

7. Bring the Pain 

It is widely accepted that a humans pain threshold is increased when they aroused. The sudden rush of adrenaline that courses through our bodies can be compared to playing an intense sporting match, where we block pain receptors in favour of tunnel vision. This could explain the popularity of BDSM and pleasure pain exercises that push the limits through physical punishment. According to G&T Magazine, those who drink gin and other bitter-tasting foods are more likely to be sadistic in the bedroom. The science behind it hints at the idea of risk-taking during our historic hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Sour and bitter-tasting berries were avoided as sour and bitter tastes indicated poison. Bottoms up!

8. Devil in the details 

Women are actually capable of two different types of orgasms. To half of the people reading this, that will come as no surprise but to some of the less aware men, you may be interested to know that you have another weapon in your sexual arsenal. The most common orgasm that women experience when masturbating is clitoral and in many ways is the area that men know the least about. Lesbians top the leaderboard when it comes to achieving orgasms on a regular basis mainly due to their knowledge of the female anatomy. Playing with the clitoris can help your partner achieve an orgasm with completely different sensations. Food for thought.