Most Popular Sexual Fantasies?

It is natural to have a sexual fantasy or two that you feel a little shy about expressing. Your sexual interests are extremely unique to you and they can feel very personal. According to Susan Bratton, a romance writer from "YourTango"

"For many men, fear and shame destroy their ability to connect deeply with their lover and reach the heights of passion they sense is possible. The causes of fear and shame are varied: poor modelling from parents, societal oppression, religious guilt, or even outright inaccurate information about sex."

It is important for you to know that if you do not feel ready to share your sexual interests with the world, that is perfectly fine. But you should be able to feel confident sharing your more private interests with a beautiful Foxybabes London escort. All of our sexy companions have been in the industry for quite some time and know how to bring their clients out of their shell. Escorting has empowered the escorts London has to offer. That is why they will never judge you and always do their best to make you feel welcome.

Our Sexy Foxybabes London escorts are ready to fulfil your every desire

If you are feeling adventurous then your sexy London lady will be there to support you all along the way. So, you may be thinking to yourself, what are the most common fantasies when it comes to meeting up for a night of passion with your escort? Your escort may not be interested in talking about her previous encounters, but she will certainly know which are the most popular.

So, instead of asking her, allow our helpful London escort agency to present you with a handy list. That way you can know that you are completely ordinary in wanting a certain sexual fantasy fulfilled. There is no reason to be embarrassed about all of your desires.

Let's not wait any longer. Here are our top fantasies that our escorts have heard about all before. They are:

1. Bondage Fantasies

Who doesn't love meeting up with a sexy dominatrix for a date? They are confident, firm and know how to lay down the law. If you have ever had a fantasy about being restrained, dominated as a submissive, or even changed into a "sissy", then picking the right sort of escort can make all of the worlds of difference to your fantasy. Every London escort looks simply delicious in leather, especially as she will have a range of BDSM toys that she will allow you to play with. Don't worry, you do not have to dive head-first into BDSM if you are still new to it. Instead, you can take your time dabbling in this fantasy and allow it to become stricter as you get used to the treatment.

No matter how kinky you want your night of bondage to be, you can rest assured knowing that you will always be in control of your fantasy. Your mistress can be as severe as you wish, but you will have to decide on what you want and what you enjoy. For instance, if you enjoy handcuffs or ballgags, then you can indulge in them. Better yet, you can talk it over with your escort and see if she can suggest a brand new bondage goodie that will intrigue you.

2. GFE Fantasies

Now, when you think about meeting up with a hot escort in London, you may assume that most men want hot, passionate sex from the get-go. Well, actually this is not really the case. A lot of GFE encounters are warm, loving and full of comfort, something that a normal sexual rendezvous may be missing. It truly feels like companionship when you meet an escort for sex that feels meaningful. This sort of experience can be a major confidence booster and can leave you feeling extremely good about yourself.

If you are feeling lonely or want to meet a beautiful woman to bond with, a GFE fantasy will be fully up your street. You will experience intimacy and closeness that you may not have not ever experienced before. The GFE is also good for easing the stress of people potentially going through a tough time, such as a messy divorce or personal tragedy (such as the death of a partner). A GFE escort can comfort the person in question and make them feel truly appreciated.

But the best part of the GFE fantasy? The cuddles that come along with it.

3. Roleplay Fantasies

How can we have a list of sexual fantasies without role play! Everyone loves adding a hint of taboo into their sexual activities. The naughtier the fantasy, the better! An article on the Huffington Post about sexual fantasies often encountered by sex workers claimed that roleplay has a quality where

“it’s always the taboo that heightens eroticism.”

Whether you are interested in indulging a fantasy of naughty schoolgirls, nurses, teachers, receptionists, libraries, in other words, anything that you can think of, your escort will have a costume that will be able to correspond with it. Don't take roleplaying too seriously, there is nothing wrong with falling out of character and your escort will always be able to get you back into the mood. As long as you relax and indulge in your own personal fantasy, you will always find that you will be fulfilled

4. Threesome Fantasies

A survey conducted by The Independent actually showed that 89% of those surveyed would indulge in a threesome with both men and women. What's not to love about a threesome, especially if you end up meeting with a delicious duo of London escorts? If you decide you are interested in meeting two escorts, you will find that they will tailor their services to lavish you in attention. You just need to discuss what you would genuinely enjoy with two escorts and how they can fully please you. After all, they are beautiful women and know exactly how to excite and delight those who they meet for a date.

What are your naughtiest fantasies?

Don't worry if your own personal fantasy has not appeared on this list. Everyone has their own kinks and desires that only our lovely Foxybabes can satisfy. You just need to be sure that you book the right woman for you! If you have any questions about our escorts, in relation to how they can charm you on a date, we can help you. Contact our escort agency in London now and we will set you off to meet the perfect woman for you.