The Most Romantic Dating Locations in London

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Make your date a truly unforgettable experience

Let's face it when it comes to dating Foxybabes provides the escorts London patrons so desperately desire. However, whilst we are able to provide the most beautiful of companions, the success of your date largely depends on the sort of venue you visit. London is made up of a multitude of different areas, therefore you need to fully understand the culture and special treats that each of these spots holds.

If you want your London Escort to be impressed with your romantic prowess, you just have to take her to see one of these great dating spots.


Should you managed to tempt yourself away from The Mews in Mayfair, you and your Escort will be surrounded by some of the luxurious boutiques and cafes in all of London. Mayfair is the perfect place to take escorts in London due to its classy high-end nature. Not only can you indulge in high-tea at Claridges, where some of the finest minds (like Cary Grant, Mariah Carey and Alfred Hitchcock) have dined, but if you are looking for some artistic treasures for both you and your date to see, you can go and see the Waddington Custot Galleries or The Handel and Hendrix Museums.

Mayfair is honestly one of the prettiest areas of London that 24-hour-escorts can be taken to. The area is filled with a number of gorgeous parks and ornate buildings that stretch to the sky. You and your companion will feel like you are taking a romantic trip through a truly beautiful urban paradise.


Another area of London that is known for its glitz and glamour is Parklane. There is a reason why Parklane is seriously one of the most expensive areas on the monopoly board. It is due to the fact that the entire area looks like it has been constructed into a true treasure trove of culture.

Once you have discovered the wonders of Apsley House, The Wellington Arch. Spencer House and even Buckingham Palace, why not surprise her with a romantic trip to the Four Seasons or to Fortnum & Mason? Both this hotel and shopping district provide true luxury to their clients and are practically a hairs width apart from each other. After you have spoiled your beauty rotten with a shopping trip into one of the oldest shopping markets, one where men in smart jackets and frock coats assist customers, then you can return to the four seasons for a fine dining experience or, better, a quick trip to their spa.

No matter what you do in Parklane, you will always feel like nobility with your London escort by your side.


Now when it comes to contacting a London Escort Agency about going on a date in Paddington, you may have them telling you to simply go on a "Paddington Bear" related adventure. But where is the fun in that? Instead of just taking pictures next to the brass bear situated in the station, why not take a trip out to the Sheldon Square amphitheatre? Not only is this venue a fantastic area for simply relaxing and chilling out with a picnic, but the area is well known for its exhibitions and live music. In summer they even place up a large screen where you can watch movies for the world to watch. So why not pack a romantic picnic, set with champagne, and take your escort out for a night of romantic relaxation?

Kings Cross

If you and your escort are feeling empowered then you may want to consider taking her through the commuters daily drop off, also known as King's Cross. Of Course, everyone has heard of King's Cross due to "Platform Nine and 3/4s", and, yes, you can go and see it. But wouldn't it be more romantic to take any escort in London to one of the biggest champagne bars in all of Europe. St Pancras's Champagne bar not only provides some of the most delicious bottles of champagne and wine, but it is also a fantastic brasserie.

Unwind with your escort and watch the world go by beneath you as commuters go to catch their train. Kings Cross itself is a gorgeously designed building and you should take a moment to indulge in its architecture. A romantic date to this bar at sunset will give you a lovely array of colours spread around the station. With this beautiful backdrop combined with your gorgeous companion and a delicious glass of something bubbly, you will be set up for romance for the remainder of the evening.


Should you decide to take a trip to Islington for a date with your beautiful companion, you need to be aware that Islington is known as restaurant central. It is home to some of the most competitive dining businesses in all of London, so be prepared to have your taste buds dazzled by course after course. Some of the best restaurants include:


  • Antonio's Ristorante
  • Le Mercury
  • Oldroyd
  • Ottolenghi
  • Bellanger
  • Little Georgia Islington


Once you have completed sampling some of the finest cuisines in all of London, you may want to continue your date at The Almeida Theatre. The Almeida Theatre is an extremely cosy venue which offers some of the most modern and up-and-coming playwrights. You will always end a date on a high note if you decide to take your escort to see a show at this venue. For it will allow you some truly intimate time together, especially if you decide to slip your arm around her to cuddle up together once the lights go down.


Another extremely high-end area for you and your London Escort to visit for your date is Kensington. Not only is this area famous for its gorgeous parks, including Kensington and Holland Park and Kyoto Garden, but it holds one of the biggest cultural venues in all of London.

The Royal Albert Hall is known for some of the biggest musical concerts, including the world-famous Proms. The venue itself is breathtaking in its architectural beauty, but it hosts all ranges of genres of music and dance shows. There is nothing more romantic than cuddling up with your escort in your seats whilst listening to an operatic performance. This combined with a romantic meal afterwards will make the perfect date night.

Enjoy your date!

No matter where you go in London, you will find that your escort in London will be very excited to accompany you. Each area is extremely unique and you will always find something new to do when you finally take the trip there. Don't limit yourself to just one area! If you find an escort you truly like, why not take her out to several areas to experience what London truly has to offer. You will certainly not regret it.