If you are a stunning London Escort looking for a new agency to advertise your services, then you are in luck as FoxyBabes is always looking for new beauties to join our team. Whether you are an experienced companion or it is your first time joining an agency, we are always willing to give anyone a chance to impress us and our clients.


We are a fully inclusive agency and are more than happy to welcome a variety of girls to our team. If you are ready to contact us then this can be undertaken by phone or email. If you are looking for a quicker way to complete your joining process, then you can also visit the "Join Our Team" tab on our website. Fill out all of the information required, submit and then a member of our reception team will get in contact with you as quickly as possible.


If you are looking to join our team, please remember that all of our escorts need to be of a professional standard. Here are the additional qualities that you will need to qualify as a FoxyBabes Companion:


1. Over 18 (Mandatory)
2. You must be responsible for your own tax and government payments
3.You must not have heavily photoshopped images or fake images
4. Allowed to work in the UK and can speak fluent English 


Why should you join the FoxyBabes Family?

Like any good family, FoxyBabes is the sort of agency that looks out for all of its workers. Whether you are an escort, a client or a member of our receptionist team, we will ensure that all of our workers are paid appropriately and will remain safe when encountering a new client or worker.

We know that all of our girls must maintain a strong work ethic and understanding of the business in order to succeed, so in order to encourage this, we reward over-performing girls with additional advertisement on our website to a wide range of clients.

We also want our models to feel safe when they are on their dates. Any job in this industry does come with its risks, but if you have encountered a problematic client, then you do have the right to terminate the date and leave the residence as quickly, and as safely, as possible. Please ensure that you alert FoxyBabes to this so we can put the client on alert and protect any other escorts who may be encountering him/her on a future date.

We care for all of our London Girls and want to make sure you feel secure when you encounter a new client. If you take your work seriously and are ready for a wealth of new escorting opportunities, then do not delay and get in contact with FoxyBabes today!