‘CEO of me’ How Escorting Empowers Women in 2019


The business of escorting has had a rocky relationship with the public, and the government for a long time. It seems that as society becomes more progressive, so does the attitude toward sex workers. It is culturally and socially acceptable for models to have “premium” social media accounts, where they sell images and videos of themselves to their fans, so why should the attitude be any different to escorts?

Escorting in the Past

The very act itself is referenced in the bible multiple times. Judah, who is one of Jacob’s dozen children, paid the “bride price” for Tamar, and gave her as a gift to his eldest son, in the hope that she would provide children, in accordance with Israelite custom. She didn’t, and was seen as a ‘bad investment’. The point being, escorting is only now reaching the same levels of social acceptance as it had before Romans crucified Jesus and that has left us wondering, why is that?

It is the western world that has decided that this form of business is unacceptable, mainly due to the dominance Christianity had for the best part of a thousand years. What was once seen as a perfectly reasonable way to make money between two consenting adults turned into something more sinister. Stories of how women were afforded more power than they deserved spread like the plague, as escorts were seen as vixons who used temptation to draw in young men. In ancient Greece, it was socially acceptable to spend time with younger men but deemed feminizing for those same boys to ask for money in return. During the Catholic empire, sex outside of marriage was deemed to be a sin, and a woman deciding to act as she saw fit would see her rejected by the church. All of these laws and social expectations could be considered as a rejection of using sex as an industry, but could also be explained in simpler terms:

Men do not want women to have power over their own body.

The Restriction of Female Empowerment.

The abundant truth is that throughout history, women have been regarded as ‘second class’ citizens hundreds of global cultures. Any attempt for equal rights and opportunities was often swiftly rejected, as childcare and motherhood prioritized. The legality of escorting is one thing, but for those women who did choose a life in the sex industry, they were directly opposing the church and the patriarchy and this meant becoming a social outcast.

Is that true though? As some governments and religious leaders failed to realise, Escorting is an act that requires two people. Without the paying participant, the entire transaction falls apart, and there can be no such industry. So why is it then that in the times of strict religious ideologies, ladies of the night were as popular as they are today? It could be said that if anything, the advancements in contraception and understanding in safe sex practices have evolved the industry to a much safer, and enjoyable one.

The one thing that has not evolved from the age of the Babylonians, is the male mind. Believe it or not, men are the driving force in the industry because they are the key demographic. The men who raise their daughters to abstain from sex until marriage are the very same men who spend their nights away from their wives, with an escort. This double standard has restricted women and prevented so many from starting their own business and making their own empires.

What does being an Escort do for women today?

In the past 10 years, we have seen some of the largest social changes that have propelled women into the forefront of business and politics. We have a female British PM and nearly had one in the US. It is clear that the coast is now clear for women to pave their own path in life. The social restrictions that once limited the career opportunities a woman could hope to obtain are now in the air. Whatsmore, the freedom to have control of one's body means that women have the ultimate freedom to act in their own best interests. If you believe that your best interests match ours, i.e. making money, having fun and having things bought for you, get in touch. We have a great blog about the process of becoming a luxury escort here. 

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