How to Treat a London Escort

Let's be real for one second, booking an escort can be incredibly stressful if you're not the most experienced, the entire experience can be confusing and if you're not familiar with the unspoken rules then you may be treading water, not wanting to come across as offensive. 

Thankfully, our escorts are always open and transparent with us and they have let us know exactly what their clients can do to make the entire experience more enjoyable for both of you. Here are the top 5 things that you can do to make your escort happy: 


It should go without saying that making sure you arrive at the meeting clean and shower is a must, especially if you're coming straight after work. Our escorts are not fussy whether you're shaved or have a bit of natural fluff, so long as you're well groomed. This standard of hygiene is not only for her pleasure but also for yours. 

You may or may not be the only booking of the day so the standard that you would expect your escort to maintain with another person should be no different with you. This is also why our escorts make sure that their clients have maintained themselves before taking payment. It's pretty simple, just make sure that you're well maintained when you arrive and the entire experience will be more enjoyable for all involved. 


This is probably the most important part of the experience for our girls. For the majority of clients, this is something that they do not need to be told but there are occasions where a night can be ruined by the rude actions of the client. To make things crystal clear, our escorts are not asking to be taken out for expensive dinners on every meeting (The best places to take a London escort on a date can be found here) but respect for them as a person.

This can be shown in many different ways: Turning up when you say you will, asking her how her day was, keeping your place tide before she arrives etc. These little things add up to an experience that our girls will remember and if you're looking to book again, she will take the way you treated her into consideration and maybe could prioritise you as a premier client. 


As previously mentioned, timekeeping is an important part of the escorting industry. Just like every other business in the world, making sure that you are on time can greatly affect whether you are recommended to other girls after your meeting. If you become known for not turning up on time, other girls around the city will quickly catch wind and may charge you a deposit, or even worse, refuse to see you at all. Make sure that you are ready when you said you will be and have time to spare.


How can you expect to have an experience that will be enjoyable for both of you if neither of you knows anything about your sexual fantasies and desires? This is the easiest part to adhere to because it is as having a conversation before you meet or whilst you are in each others company. 

Our gorgeous escorts are fully aware that the reason you are looking for something that is not being given to you in your everyday life is that you're too scared to ask for it. Whether you're looking for the full GFE or wondering which of our gorgeous girls provide more niche services such as A-level or OWO. What you need to understand is that some will, some won't but all are clear beforehand of their limits. so long as you both know them you can go into your meeting with an escort with clear boundaries and expectations on what you will and will not get.

Saviour Complex 

One of the most annoying types of clients that our girls often meet are the men with what we like to call 'saviour complexes' These are the men that meet with a sex worker and treat her like a victim, as someone who needs to be saved from their desolate life. All of our girls love their job and have chosen it deliberately as their career choice. Don't be that guy who thinks the escort that they booked needs a strong man to save them from their life, because they don't. Escorting empowers our escorts who earn their own money and run their own business 

Enjoy your time with a Foxy Babes escort and treat them as like this is not the last time you will ever see each other. Follow all of these guidelines and your entire experience will be pleasurable, relaxing and enjoyable.