You’re probably absolutely sick of hearing about the B-word. We know we are. Whether you’re in or out, one thing is consistent between both sides, nobody really has a clue what is going on anymore. We have been flooded with questions by not only some of most loyal customers but also our girls who have no idea whether they will be able to work with us anymore so we’re going to set the record straight: 


Foxy Babes will operate as normal regardless of what happens with Brexit 


As we have already said, we do not actually know if any law changes will be made regarding the adult industry as of yet. We are informed that in regards to escort agencies, we will be able to operate as normally However there are some changes that affect other escort agencies. 


International outcall made more difficult

As of right now, we do not have any international outcall escorts but there are plenty of other agencies around us that do. As nobody has yet to give out any information we believe it is our duty to inform our customers about how things may change. Firstly, there is the issue of sending girls to international outcall destinations. 

According to the BBC, travellers from the UK to other EU states will now have to purchase an ETIAS which will cost around £6. These are basically ‘wavers’ of a VISA. You’ll still be able to travel to the EU with an escort so long as you’re back before the 90 days has expired.



Brexit Parliament protests

(Above) protests outside parliament have spiralled out of control 


What about Escorts already living in the UK?


So long as you're already living the UK before we leave the UK, you should be granted either Settler or pre-settled status. This basically means that you can stay in the UK without having to apply for a VISA or any extra checks or criteria. For all the girls already working with our agency, we would recommend applying for your EU Settlement Scheme which is open now and you can apply as long as you meet the criteria 


What you’ll need after you apply


The home office will send a letter once you have applied and have said that keeping a hold of all of your paperwork is vital for a smooth process. There are certain criteria and circumstances that can change the process such as applying for any spouse or family members. Keep your details up to date and if everything goes to plan you should be able to apply for citizenship 12 months after being granted settled status. 

Of course the whole thing could go up in smoke and we could be back to square one by next month but for now, this the process that all of our escorts should follow. I hope this has been helpful for some of you and we appreciate the anxiety that some of our European escorts may have. We will do everything in our power to make sure you’re looked after and that our customers' experience is unchanged