An Interview With An Escort

Most Frequently asked questions with one of our most popular girls


Are you interested in possibly becoming a sex worker at some point? Have you always wondered what a day in the life of a lady of the night is really like in 2019? We have sat down with one of our most popular girls and asked her all the questions our customers have asked in the past year. 


How did you get into escorting? 


I started working as an escort just after my third and final year at university. I am originally from London but was studying in Liverpool at the time. 
One of my closest friends at the time said that she had put an advert on an online forum when she was drunk and woke up to messages from men wanting to meet her that night, some of them offering really good money. It made me think that maybe it could be a short term way to help me get through uni. 


A few months passed and I put the thought to the back of my mind and focussed on my studies. One day during a lecture, my professor mentioned a trip to Italy was being organised and was open to all students who wanted to go. The university subsidised most of the cost, but I still needed to raise £200 in 3 weeks.


 I never had time to work as every job I started I had to quit shortly after. I messaged my friend asking her where she posted that ad a couple of months ago and she helped me set up a message on a few forums. Within a few days, I was being flooded with messaged and made more than enough money to go on the trip. That’s where it all started really.


What is your favourite part of escorting? 


Well, it is now my full-time job and the money isn’t too bad. I’m currently studying my masters so the flexibility of hours is amazing. In terms of the job itself, it may sound strange but I like being able to help the men that I meet to fulfil a need that they haven’t fulfilled in their lives. A lot of the men I see are in dead-end marriages so spending a night with a 21-year-old uni student might help them feel young again. Most of the bookings I get are either weekly regulars or one-timers who are looking to try something new. I have an open mind so I never judge someone's reasoning for wanting to book me, nor do I even ask.


Any things you don’t like? 


When I started off I was working completely independently. Bookings were very inconsistent and it was not a reliable way to make money. It would also mean that I would have to take calls at random times of the day as turning down a customer meant that I probably would not get the opportunity again. I would also sometimes run into not so nice people and without having the knowledge of “blacklists” I was flying blind a lot of the time. Since I have been working with Foxy Babes I have a safety net knowing that I do not have to worry about getting bookings for myself, dealing with unsavoury people and timewasters. The booking comes in, I get sent the location and all I have to worry about then is showing them a good time. 


How many bookings do you usually get in a week? 


This all depends on the time of the year, In Autumn and Spring, I’ll get between 6-10 a week but in summer the number drops because of summer holidays and I guess people have other responsibilities at that time. That suits me fins really and if I really want work I can always get it but I prefer to let it come to me, build relationships with the people that I meet regularly and have more meaningful encounters this way. 


Do you have a boyfriend? 


No. I was in a relationship as I was getting started but I felt the truth of what I was doing was something he wouldn't have been able to handle. 
Unfortunately, there is still a social stigma around women who chose to use their bodies to generate income but the same social stigma does not exist around nightlife culture where students, especially young men will go out and have unprotected sex with a stranger, for FREE! 

Maybe one day I will find someone who has an open mind and understands that what I do does not make me any less of a person but is actually a great enterprise that I enjoy. 

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