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Do you know what you want?

As a human, it is normal to have a wide range of dirty fantasies and fetishes. Your fantasies may include a wide variation of dirty fantasies, thoughts about domination or submission or may involve specific physical or personality traits. Either way, these desires are completely normal and you should never feel ashamed about having them satisfied

When it comes to picking and meeting your escort, then you have a lot of decisions to make about sort of romantic evening you expect. Not only do you need to consider your escort's physical appearance, but have a think about whether their personality and special services match up to your own desires. Book your escort based on what you want and you will always end up having a fantastic evening.


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Physical Appearance

The first thing you need to consider when you are scrolling through an Escorting Gallery is whether an escort's appearance attracts you or not. Of course, all of the women displayed in the Galleries are beautiful. However, you may find that some of them attract you more than others.

There is no shame in saying that certain body types turn you on far more than others. Perhaps it is due to hair colour, skin colour, breast size or even the weight of the person that gets you excited. In any case, what matters is that there is a girl who you find extremely attractive and would be willing to meet.

Take your time when scrolling through an Escorting Gallery to fully take all of the different appearances of all the different women and their pictures. After all, you may see a companion that you find attractive on the very final page that you would not see if it skip it.


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Personality Traits

Meeting your companion may entail a lot more than simply visiting a hotel room. You have to remember that your escort is a woman with feelings and emotions, not just a sexual toy. That is why you need to ensure that you get to know her and enjoy the pleasantries of her conversation. In your chosen escort's profile, you will see that she has listed a number of personality traits that accurately describe what she is like. She may describe herself as relaxed, humorous, bubbly or intelligent. You will need to make your decision based on these descriptors. If you want information about your escort and her personality, why not send an email to the agency to inquire for more information about your chosen escort? They may even set you up on a pre-date so that you can get to know her and her different services.

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Sexual Prowess

Now onto the fun part of your date; how she will act with you in a more intimate session. It is extremely important, to be honest with your escort about your fetishes and desires. That way your escort will always know what you are interested in. This could include:

Sexual Positions

If there is a certain position that you enjoy sex in, i.e. doggy or missionary, or are interested in a very specific sexual act, usually listed in their profiles as abbreviations, then you need to let your escort know that that this is the sort of thing that you would enjoy. Once she knows this then she can take her time to indulge you and allow you to feel satisfied.

Role Play Interests

Perhaps there is a naughty scenario that you have always wanted to try out but have never had the nerve to ask any of your sexual partners to act out. Whether this a teacher/student, patient/doctor roleplay or any imaginative fantasy, then you do not need to feel embarrassed about it. These are completely normal fantasies and your escort would be happy to indulge you from the moment they arrive at your doorstep or at your hotel. Just fall into the moment and you will soon find yourself fully enjoying the situation. Your escort is here to take care of all of your sexual needs and more.

Domination vs Submission

As a man, you might feel a little uncomfortable letting your escort dominate you or treat you as a submissive. But if this is the little kink that has been under your skin for a long time, then it is time for you to release it. If you are new to domination play or BDSM, then your escort would be happy to take your encounter as slow as you feel comfortable. You do not need to go the full way on your first date. Just take your time and indulge in either being dominated or dominating your escort. Just remember to talk with your escort about safe words before you begin!

Toys and Outfits

An outfit can make or break the mood of a romantic encounter with your escort. This is why you should be sure to talk about specific outfits that will really romanticise the mood. Your escort will come with a wide range of outfits, as well as sex toys, that can help you relax and enjoy the mood. The outfits could simply be some sexy underwear or a kinky role play outfit, it entirely depends on how passionate the night becomes. Your escort may also bring a selection of toys, however, these also depend entirely on what you would be comfortable with during the act. You can use the toys on your escort or even ask her to use them on you. If you are unsure of what a certain toy does, then your escort will always be there to guide you during the sexual encounter. If you do not enjoy it then just let her know and she will either stop or try a different toy, depending on what you would prefer.

Specialised/Unique Kinks

Every client is completely unique in their sexual attitudes and desires. As long as the sexual act itself is not illegal and does not hurt anyone, then you are more than welcome to welcome your wild sexuality and libido. If you have an extremely unique kink or feel shy about discussing your kinks outside of the actual date, your escort would be happy to sit down with you and talk about what you actually want from your sexual experience. Be honest and you will always get the best results.

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FoxyBabes Escorts will always provide you with the best Companions

All of our Escorts are all extremely open-minded and are ready make sure you leave your passionate rendezvous feeling completely satisfied. Once you have made your booking then feel free to talk to your companion about everything that you would like for them to assist you with.

FoxyBabes Escorts look forward to hearing from you soon.