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Welcome to FoxyBabes Blog!

If you are a man of taste, then it is not surprising that you have ventured onto the webpage of FoxyBabes. If you are looking for only the most sophisticated and beautiful of London Companions then you have come to the right agency to find your perfect flame. All of our models are extremely unique in their charm, beauty and intelligence, so take as much time as you need when scrolling through our Gallery to consider who you will be taking out for the evening. However, we are certain that by the end of it you will feel satisfied and ready to meet your escort again in the future.

You may be wondering why an Escorting Website may need a blog when its main focus should be upon allowing its clients to meet a flavoured variety of different London Women. However, we know that there is more to the escorting industry than the photos of our beautiful companions. For anyone new to the world of escorts, it can be a daunting place, especially if has a lot of rules and etiquettes that clients and companions need to follow. This is why we want our blog to be dedicated to as many of these ideas possible.

What can you expect from our Blog?

The Hard Facts

The Escorting Industry is a place that is often surrounded by mystery. Anonymity is important to our clients and all agencies wish to uphold this privacy. This is why it can be difficult to find out any facts about the escorting industry when you first enter it. However, we wish to use our blog as a means for getting the novice escort booker some experience that they may not get through a simple scroll of the internet. These topics will remain serious and will include topics such as dating techniques, the best dating locations and even blogs about how to treat your escort respectfully and how she should treat you in return.

Taboo Topics

This may contain saucier topics that other websites may be too worried to tread. This will allow all of our clients to consider what services he may want to request from his escort, the services and synonyms in general, how far our escorts would be willing to go, an even more humorous topics like how a psychopomp can enter the world of escorting by arranging dates between the living and their chosen "spirits." So be sure to check back and you will see that there will always be a blog post to keep you entertained.

Humorous Topics

Perhaps you're wondering what the most awkward dates or perhaps some silly stories from agencies about their funniest clients? Well, our blog will always have a funny blog post ready to tickle your taste buds.

When will you be updating your blog?

We aim to update our blog at least once a week, so always check back to see a new post is ready for you. Sometimes, if our writers are feeling creative enough, then they may even be willing to write two posts!

Can I Request a Blog?

If you have a topic that you just need to find more information about, then feel free to let us know! We would be more than happy to consider your theme and then write an article about it. If you would like to be credited for it, then feel free to email your idea to us and let us know. We would be happy to include any name or simply title you as "anonymous."

Our Blog's Next Update Awaits!

Now that our Blog has been introduced, our writers are beginning to collect their blog posts to get them ready to be uploaded on FoxyBabes Website. So sit back, relax and wait as we upload a wealth of content that will truly entertain you!